Top 5 scuba diving – snorkeling spots in bali

Top 5 Scuba Diving – Snorkeling Spots in Bali

Posted on: sept 06th, 2015 by agus bali transport & tour service

Visiting Bali is probably the best adventure you can get in your life time but what makes it complete is that you go for the famous scuba diving spots in Bali. Bali has a lot to offer when it comes to adventure and scuba diving is one of those adventures which you will remember for the rest of your life. So here are our top 5 picks which we recommend you to go for on your next trip to Bali.




Amed is located in the beautiful the North Bali which is still considered as one of the untouched area of Bali in it’s most natural habitat. Famous for it’s black sandy beaches, Amed is also the spot where tourists from all around the world love to visit to take their thrill of snorkeling. Amed offers a variety of corals which is rare as you can find soft, hard and sponge coral in this area. Along with the under water beauty and facility you will find yourself swimming among the beautiful and exotic fishes like black snapper, unicorn fish, whitetip sharks and a lot of other colorful species. There are a lot of diving clubs in Bali which can arrange your trips at your convenience.

Padang Bai:-


Padang Bai is considered as the hotspot for snorkeling in Bali. Padang Bai is located in the Klungklung district which has the best snorkeling and diving spots in Bali. The best season for diving and snorkeling is during the day time from April to October. You can also reach the famous diving bell spot from here on a boat. General depth here is about 20 meters which takes you to a whole new world of Red Snappers, clown fish and the gigantic blue spotted stingrayrs and morays.



Lovina diving reef is probably one of the most interesting Coral reef for scuba diving lovers as it offers some of the deepest diving spots in the Bali area which trainerd and amateur divers love to explore and on the other hand it has some low depth very easy diving spots perfect for beginners. Big beautiful fishes like Manta Rays, stingrays are not hard to find here along with some beautiful squids.






Tulamben is located on the North East Coast of Bali just few hours away from the beautiful area of Nusa Dua. It is one of the jewels among the world’s top dive sites. It is famous for the USS Liberty shipwreck which was torpdoed by the Japanese on January 11, 1942 during second world war. Now imagine a beautiful shipwreck with a lot of history laying at the bottom of the ocean and surrounded by the beautiful marine life, what could be more dreamy than that? Experience it yourself and send us a thank you post card.

Nusa Penida:-


Nusa Penida is a part of the all famous 3 sister Islands. Located in the north coast of Bali, it is also a very famous spot for the scuba diving and snorkeling lovers. Beautiful because of the rich & healthy corals which are home to the dazzling breath taking species along with the rare fishes like Mola Mola.

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