7 Beach The Wonderful in Bali

Bali is vacation which the wonderful, even It has been recognized by the world with its natural beauty and cultural richness which is very thick. The beach in the Bali island also is one of the 10 best beaches in the world. The beach in Bali is the main target of the tourists both domestic […]



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Bali traditional villages and customs


As Bali is becoming increasingly modern, one has to visit its villages and  attend some of its festivals to feel its soul and heart.The Balinese village pays tribute to Man’s harmony with nature. Every thirty meters or so, one will see the same proud brick gate with the same lintel decoration. Hidden behind the mud walls will be same red tiles of the family pavilions, located thirty meters away, with their thatched puppet house functioning as the family temple (sanggah/merajan). Under the shade of the tall coconut tree will be the imposing figure of a waringin.The Balinese desa (village)is typically host to a set of three village temples. Instead of being closed, roofed structures, the temple are open spaces, demarcated only by wall and carved gates, with trees alongside thatched shrines in their inside: the gods thus enter the village as Nature itself.



Typically, the Balines village is host to asset of three temples called the kahyangan tiga. Eachis related to a focal aspect pf the village symbolic life: the origin with the pura puseh (navel temple) located mountainward, where the tutelary gods of the village and its founders are worshipped; the territory itself with the pura desa located in the center of the village, where the “Lord of the territory” (sane nruwenang jagat) is worshipped and where the meetings of the village assembly and the rituals of fertility are held; and finally, the temple of the dead (pura dalem), located downward, where the forces of death and the netherworld are worshiped, and near which burials take place. To these temples must be added family and clan temples.

The temples are at the heart of Balinese life. They have their anniversary every 210 days, when the gods come down for visits, during which they are welcome by dance, “feted” with offerings and provided with a symbolic resting place. it is when the village comes to life, and color takes it over.

Besides the temple anniversaries, Bali has two sets of island-wide festivals which correspond to the “new years” of the two Balinese calenders: the Nyepi of the lunar-solar Saka year and the Galungan of the 210-day Pawukon calendar.

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About me

     Thank you for your attention of knowing more about me. In an effort to serve you, my full name is I Putu agus Juli antara, but you can call me ” AGUS ” as my parents and my friends are doing. It’s much easier for people to remember. The first child of two siblings. I was born on June 26th, 1985 in a small village called Berangbang, Jembrana District. 

Most of my life, I have spent in my little family , After graduating from high school in Jembrana .I learn and practice my English in one of the cars rental company  in petitenget St Seminyak  finally ,i was start learn from 2004  , after 10 years working in the cars rental company then i decided to change my job. I start from 2015 i do Frelance job for transport & tour service in tourism area , now I’m the own of agus Bali transport & tour service. So now i have experience more than 11 years in Bali tourism .

 I never dreamed of becoming a tour guide, but I say enough honesty that I am very proud to have the opportunity to share my beautiful country with people and introduce them with a unique Balinese culture. I have been sharing the beauty of Bali with tourists from around the world. For several years, I have taken people on tours around Bali to discover the hidden beauty and to introduce people to the local communities, villages and their way of life. That is the right time for me to polish my English, because I have much chance to practice for a leisurely walk through the beautiful countryside. As I have matured and become more proficient in communication skills, I am tempted to share more about the beauty of the island. This certainly caused me to become a tour guide, and within a short time I began taking people on a wonderful tour around the island. 
Among the many experiences, which I have gained as a tour guide is a renewed sense of pride and appreciation for nature and the tremendous wealth of our island and culture. I want to share the beauty with everyone who wants to see and experience the real Bali. As somebody who has spent my entire life living in rural areas, I know where to find magic, hidden parts of the island as well as the famous tourist resort.
Based on the experience and knowledge I have gained over the years, I like to give you service, value for money and experience you will not forget and also provide the best comfort during the holidays in Bali. I am proud to share all the beauty and mystery of my country with you, so you can bring home a wonderful story to tell people you love, and memories that will last a lifetime.  
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Tour packages (agus bali transport & tour service)

Sightseeing tours

Based on my experience, I have designed this tour in an effort to bring you closer to the best of Bali. Some tours are designed to make you familiar with the island and introduce you to the scenery around the countryside and architecture of the temple from the coast to the mountains. Some may involve a bumpy and windy road tours throughout the countryside, but it was exciting to explore the hidden beauty of bali.



If you plan to take only one tour during your holiday in Bali, this is the ideal choice. The tour is perfect introduction to Bali’s fascinating culture and handicrafts, offering picturesque rice fields and villages, and the spectacular lake and volcano as a highlight. We will start by visiting  a traditional Balinese House Compound to enjoy its natural beauty while gaining knowledge about daily activities of the local people. Wenara Wana Monkey forest is our next stop. Enjoy the activities of the monkeys and their home. It is a great chance for you to get a close sight.

Continuing drive to Ceking Village to enjoy the spectacular surrounding view which is a beautiful rice terrace as well as stopping for photo. Kintamani, a mountain resort with its spectacular view overlooking the volcano of Batur is our highlight. We will enjoy the view of the Lake and Mount Batur while having lunch. After having lunch we are going to continue our day sightseeing by visiting local plantation village of Sri Batu, offer a range of eastern spices, cloves, coffee and cocoa for the material of chocolate. Goa Gajah (The Elephant Cave Temple), which dates back to the 11th century, is our next stop to witness this ancient temple.

On the route back to your hotel we’ll visit some art villages arround. It is home of many famous artists and Kemenuh Village, famous for its exquisite wood carving. Here we will explain and demonstrate to you how our master carvers carefully and patiently work with many kinds of wood, and admire their masterpieces at their showroom. Celuk Village, famous for its Silver work. Where you will see many artists are doing their detailed and skillful work.

Departure time  : 8. 00 am
Duration             : 9 – 10 hrs
Price                   : IDR 850. 000  / vehicle

After being picked up from your hotel, we will proceed to drive through the small local villages to Mengwi (Royal Family Temple) is our first stop. Dating from 1634, this picturesque temple complex is surrounded by a moat with lotus flowers.

Leave the relatively flat rice fields behind and climb higher to the Central Mountain area to enjoy view of  Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, which is a Temple in the bank of the lake, enjoys a spectacular surrounding views of the lakes, well kept gardens, wild flower, wooden mountain sides.

Lunch is available at the famed Pacung Mountain Resort. Continuing our tour, we will visit Jatiluwih Village for its truly marvelous rice terrace views, one of the most spectacular rice paddies on the island. Our highlight will be visiting Batukawu Temple, a temple in the middle of the tropical forest.

Departure time  : 8. 00 am
Duration             : 10 – 12 hrs
Price                   : IDR 950. 000  / vehicle

This is a varied and interesting day tour highlighting Besakih Temple (Mother Temple), beginning with the small town of Gianyar to see Batik processing.

Then we will stop at Kerta Gosa the hall of justice in Klungkung. Which dates from the 18th century, interesting classical painting can be viewed on the ceiling, depicting scenes of punishment and rewards in the afterlife.

Continue up into Besakih Temple (Mother Temple), almost 1.00 m above sea level, we will visit the most beautiful and largest temple in Bali. Lunch is available at one of the local restaurant over looking the spectacular rice fields. After lunch on the route back to your hotel we will visit one of beautiful temple on Bangli, Temple of Kehen, as well as the view of rice terraces on the way down.

Departure time  : 8. 00 am
Duration             : 9 – 10 hrs
Price                   : IDR 850. 000  / vehicle

Tranquil rural countryside awaits you as you travel to the whole width of Bali, from down about the sea level to further up at the mountain area.

Beginning with a scenic drive through to countryside to the most photographed and famous temple in Bali, Tanah Lot Temple set at the edge of the sea. Drive through the small local villages to climb higher to the Central Mountain area to enjoy view of Jatiluwih Village for its truly marvelous rice terrace views, one of the most spectacular rice paddies on the island.

Drive trough Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan which enjoys a spectacular surrounding view of the two lakes. Then drving up to Enjoy the fresh water flowing from Munduk Water Fall. Closing our tour by visiting Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, which is a Temple in the edge of the Lake Bratan, enjoys spectacular surrounding views of the lakes, well kept gardens, wild flower, wooden mountain sides.

Departure time  : 8. 00 am
Duration             : 10 – 12 hrs
Price                   : IDR 950. 000  / vehicle

Journey into the place which is one of the most beautiful temples of Bali and enjoying the beautiful sunset.

First stop is the Royal Family Temple of Mengwi Pura Taman Ayun. Dating from 1634, this picturesque temple complex is surrounded by a moat, with multi roofed Meru shrines and intricately carved wooden gates.

Proceed to the most photographed and famous temple in Bali, Tanah Lot Temple set at the edge of the sea. Tanah Lot offers spectacular views and another chance to enjoy the beauty of Bali.

Departure time  : 2. 00 pm
Duration             : 6 hrs
Price                   : IDR 550 .000  / vehicle

This tour gives an introduction to the countryside, life, art and crafts of Bali. First stopping at Batuan Village, one of the famous villages of painter. Here we will explain and demonstrate to you how our master painters carefully and patiently work with much kind of colors, and admire their masterpieces at their Galleys.

Ubud Monkey forest is our next stop. Enjoy the activities of the monkeys and their home. It is a great chance for you to get a close sight or to feed them, but be forewarned to keep your jewelry, hats and sunglasses out of reach!

We then proceed to the center of Ubud to visit Ubud Palace. A visit to Ubud market and the surrounding shops will give you enough time to do a little bargaining or just to look around and enjoy the sights; lunch or early dinner can be arranged at one of the many quaint restaurants in the area.

Departure time  : On your request
Duration             :  6 hrs
Price                   : IDR 550. 000  / vehicle

A full day tour featuring; Kerta Gosa the hall of justice in Klungkung. Interesting classical painting can be viewed on the ceiling, depicting scenes of punishment and rewards in the afterlife.

Then visit the Bat Cave Temple where the walls of the cave literally vibrate with thousand of bats. The cave is considered to be holy, with shrines and a temple protecting the entrance. Drive trough the countryside and see black sand beaches and look out for colorfully painted outrigger canoes.

Your final stop is at Tirta Gangga; here you can enjoy the royal bathing pool fed by natural springs. On the route back to your hotel enjoy the spectacular view of surrounding countryside.

Departure time  : 8. 00 am
Duration             : 10 – 12 hrs
Price                   : IDR 950. 000  / vehicle

You may have researched and planned your own personal program from home before coming to Bali. See Bali the way you want it to be. Choice of a half-day (5 – 6 hours) and a full-day (8 – 10 hours) tour.

Our guide will show you the island’s sites of interest at your convenience. Be it a temples expedition, an exploration of the islands natural beauties or just an expert assistance on what to buy. We will assure that every hour you spend is truly enjoyable.

For the tour itinerary can be discus again by the time we meet for the tour in the hotel lobby. I will show you the places on our map of the route of the tour.

Our service is flexible, depending on what is actually people would love to see during their holiday in Bali.
We like to give you service, value for money and an experience you won’t forget.

Departure time  : On your request
Duration / Price : 5 – 6 hrs / IDR 550. 000 / vehicle
Duration / Price : 9 – 10 hrs / IDR 850. 000 / vehicle
Duration / Price : 10 – 12 hrs / IDR 950. 000 / vehicle

Our car service :


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Bali paradise island

Bali, for a thousand years, Balinese have transformed the landscape of their island, terracing hillsides and digging canals to irrigate the land, allowing them to grow rice.

It has attracted visitors for centuries with a rich culture, spectacular natural beauty, unique customs and traditions, and people are very friendly.

From the high, volcanic fog to cool mountain lakes through the emerald green paddy fields for black and white sandy beaches, every inch of Bali offers a fresh image and will not be forgotten.

The most fascinating are those people; the soul of art and poetry that are recognized around the world. Balinese Hindus is the main faith of the people of Bali. These exotic mixtures form the basis for local worship, which so deeply into their everyday lives that the boundaries between the spiritual and the material are vague at best.

Although the true complexity of life in Bali and spiritualism take years to fully understand, I think choosing an interesting experience the culture and insightful way to help you to discover the real Bali as we welcome you to our island paradise!

I welcome you to share real Bali with me as we experience the beauty and mysticism together. I hope your visit to Bali to be a memory you’ll appreciate for a lifetime!


Uluwatu temple south of bali


Ceremony and wedding celebration





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Makna kajeng Kliwon bagi umat Hindu Bali 


Dalam setiap penanggalan pertemuan Pancawara (Umanis Pahing Pon Wage Kliwon) dengan Triwara (Pasah Beteng Kajeng) diperingati sebagai hari turunnya para bhuta untuk mencari orang yang tidak melaksanakan dharma agama dan pada hari ini pula para bhuta muncul menilai manusia yang melaksanakan dharma. Rerainan Kajeng kliwon diperingati setiap 15 hari sekali pada saat itu kita menghaturkan segehan Macawarna. Maksud dan tujuan menghaturkan segehan ini merupakan perwujudan bhakti dan sradha kita kepada Hyang Siwa ( Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa) telah mengembalikan (Somya) Sang Tigabhucari. Berarti kita telah mengembalikan keseimbangan alam niskala dari alam bhuta menjadi alam dewa (penuh sinar), sedangkan sekalanya kita selalu berbuat trikaya parisudha dan niskalanya menyomyakan bhuta menjadi dewa dengan harapan dunia seimbang.

Dyah Maya Kresna rupanya putih kekuning-kuningan menjadi Sang Batur Kalika. Sang Bajradhaksa menjadi bhuta ijo (berwarna hijau/Sang Bhuta Wilis), Sang Bajrangkara menjadi bhuta abang (berwarna merah/Sang Kala Ranta). Itulah yang disebut Durgga Bhucari, Bhuta Bhucari dan Kala Bhucari. Selain Sang Tigabhucari masih ada jenis bhuta yang sering menganggu manusia dalam melaksanakan dharma agamanya. Para bhuta tersebut ada;

I. Berwujud manusia

1. Bake : bertubuh hitam seperti manusia, selalu muncul tengah malam tingal disemak-semak.

2. Bakis-botong : berwujud manusia kate, berkepala gundul, berkulit putih pucat, dia muncul siang hari, tinggal dirumah manusia yang kosong tanpa penghuni.

3. Memedi : seperti manusia berambut merah seperti api, kulit menyala merah, muncul pada waktu tengah hari bertempat tinggal ditegalan kosong.

4. Papengkah : berwujud manusia dengan perut gendut, besar dan buncit. Muncul pada waktu siang dan malam hari tinggal disembarang tempat.

5. Raregek-tunggek : berwujud gadis cantik tetapi punggungnya terbuka tanpa tulang belakang dan tulang iga (di Jawa disebut Sundel Bolong) sehingga isi rongga dadanya dan isi perutnya kelihatan dari belakang. Dia tinggal di semak belukar, di air terjun, dekat danau, sumur, payau, kuburan sering muncul malam hari.

6. Samar : berbentuk manusia tetapi tanpa lekukan pada bibir atas, berdiam di semak-semak, dan muncul sore hari. Biasanya berkumpul menjadi satu keluarga seperti manusia, sehingga sering disebut wong samar dan hidup seperti manusia tetapi tidak dapat dilihat oleh manusia awam. Sewaktu-waktu jika dia berkehendak dilihat oleh manusia dia akan memperlihatkan dirinya dan bergaul dengan manusia. Di Bali mayoritas wong samar ini bertempat tinggal di daerah Pulaki Buleleng. Pada umumnya wong samar ini bersifat baik.

7. Tonya : berwujud manusia tinggi besar, berdiam di pohon yang rindang dan besar. Paling senang diam dipohon beringin, bunut, kepuh, rangdu dan sejenisnya. Tonya ini jarang berkeliaran tidak pernah pergi jauh dari pohon tempat tinggalnya. Sering muncul pada malam hari, jarang siang hari.

II. Berwujud bagian tubuh manusia

1. Kumangmang : hanya terdiri atas kepala saja dengan rambut seperti menyala. Bertempat tinggal dilapangan terbuka, di tegalan, juga di semak-semak. Jalannya mengelinding seperti kelapa terbakar, muncul siang hari juga malam hari.

2. Lawean : berwujud badan manusia tanpa lengan tungkai dan kepala. Bertempat tinggal di semak belukar tetapi sering juga di rumah-rumah penduduk, muncul pada malam hari, kerap juga muncul siang hari.

3. Tangan-tangan : hanya terdiri atas tangan saja. Jalannya terbang melayang diudara. Bertempat tinggal dirumah penduduk, tempat yang kosong atau semak-semak. Muncul pada waktu malam hari kadang siang hari.

4. Enjek-pupu : terdiri atas paha sampai kaki, hanya sebelah tungkai saja tanpa badan. Kalau berjalan injakan tapak kakinya menimbulkan suara atau bunyi yang halus dan berirama, merindingkan bulu roma. Biasanya muncul malam hari, mengitari pekarangan rumah menyusuri tembok, bertempat inggal dirumah yang kosong.

5. Katugtug : terdiri hanya dari lutut ke bawah. Karena suara atau bunyi injakan kakinya yang khas, yakni tug-tug-tug, maka bhuta ini disebut katugtug. Biasanya muncul pada malam hari, tinggal dirumah yang kosong.

III. Berwujud kerangka manusia

Bhuta jenis ini disebut jerangkong yang terdiri dari rangka yang dapat bergerak, terutama malam hari tinggal ditempat rumah yang kosong.

IV. Berwujud binatang

1. Anja-anja : berwujud binatang berkaki empat berkepala seperti raksasa, mata melotot besar dengan mulut lebar bertaring panjang dan berambut terurai.

2. Banaspati-raja : berwujud macan. Sering dari badannya keluar api, sehingga seperti harimau terbakar.
Hanya manusia yang telah melaksanakan dharma dan selalu ingat lan eling ngastiti bhakti ring Dewa Siwa (Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa) badannya tidak bisa dilekati oleh para bhuta-bhuti dan Panca Mahabhuta (Sri Durga Dewi / akasa / timur, Dadari Durga / teja / selatan, Sukri Dewi / bayu / barat, Raji Durga / apah / utara, Dewi Durga / pertiwi / dalam tanah). Kalau manusia kuat dan mampu mengendalikan lima bhuta ini maka mereka akan menjadi sahabat manusia, dan sehatlah manusia. Tetapi kalau manusia mencemari unsur Panca Mahabhuta ini maka dimusuhilah dan krodalah dia menjadi durga menyebabkan manusia menjadi sakit.

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